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White Women's T Shirt

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Do you remember the Irvine Meadows Parking Lot Parties? This 12x18 28th Anniversary limited edition poster, designed by Patrick Nicely, depicts our mascot at the very first Jimmy Buffett concert that we attended as a Parrot Head Club.  Cheeseburgers in Paradise, Jello Shots, & Margaritas at The Fruitcakes Tour! Order your below before they sell out. Pick up your poster at our next event, or choose the shipping option and your poster will be mailed it to you. 

Show your club pride and wear a OCPHC Club Lanyard.      The lanyard is orange and features our logo along with our club name and slogan, Party With a Purpose! Show off your event badges in style with our new club lanyard.

Order yours with a credit card and it will be mailed to you,    or your can pick one up at our next club event.

Lanyards are $5.00. in person or $7.00 when ordering via credit card. The additional $2.00 pays for our Paypal fee     and shipping.

Royal Women's T Shirt
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28th Anniversary Poster
White Men's T Shirt
Royal Men's T Shirt
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New OCPHC Club Logo Lanyards!

Black Women's T Shirt

Shirts will arrive in September

28th Anniversary Limited Edition Commemorative Poster

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